Why Outsourcing to a Content Writing Team Will Help You Grow

You send text messages, you write emails, and you post on social media. 

Global literacy has increased to over 85% from about 40% in 1960. Collectively, the world writes (and reads) more than ever before. 

So why should you outsource content writing?

If you’ve already been writing your own marketing content for a while, you’ll know some of the answers to that question in your heart. 

Professional writing that achieves goals and moves people to action is hard work. It’s rewarding, wonderful, strong-coffee-requiring, “honey-come-to-bed”-”okay,- just-a-few-more-paragraphs” work. 

A multifaceted team of dedicated, focused writing experts all around you can make your life easier and your business marketing more effective.

Who can benefit from outsourcing content?


  • If your business needs some support, a flexible content team can help take the weight. 
  • If you’re starting from scratch, an experienced, outsourced content writing team can take your arm-wavings and other gesticulations and transform them into sage strategies, solid schedules, and sizzling content. 
  • If you’re busy running your company and have no time left to tell everyone about it, but you also understand that content can help you take your business to the next level, leave ideation, content creation, and project management to a pro writing team.


You know what they say – it takes a village. Or, in our case, a few highly-skilled creatives.

Outsourcing to a content writing team can help you grow your business without wearing yourself out. 

How content writing helps you grow

Excellent content:

  • Gives you great ROI — Email marketing alone offers 3600% ROI. For every dollar you spend, you stand to earn $36. 
  • Adds value — You already have an excellent product or service — a fantastic starting point for any business. Skillful content writing can make your offerings more valuable by shaping the way people think and feel about your brand.
  • Builds brand awareness and recognition — Establishing a strong brand takes time… and content. Nothing spreads the word like, well, spreading the word. Expert content teams know what to say, how to say it, who to say it to, and when and where to build those conversations.
  • Positions your brand — When multiple businesses occupy the same space, content writing becomes especially important to highlight, celebrate, and even create a brand’s differences.
  • Helps you learn about your customers — Many beginner content writers see blogging as a soapbox. Great content, however, inspires thought and starts dialogues via comments and other forms of messaging.
  • Attracts customers — One of your content writers’ primary goals will be to create something valuable that brings targeted customers to your business. 
  • Engages customers — Attracting attention is admirable. Keeping it is next level. Pro content teams not only inform potential customers about your brand but also make people want to be part of it.
  • Demonstrates your authority — Authority encourages people to trust your opinion and viewpoint. When it’s time to make a purchase, they will think of you because of the consistent quality and unquestionable veracity of your content. 
  • Encourages action — Great content is not just about information. Carefully crafted calls-to-action lead to tangible results, helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives.

Why outsource content writing?

Humanizing brands, leveraging customer data, and leaning on the top social media plans are among the hottest trends in marketing today. Outsourcing content writing can help any business optimize its marketing efforts by making branded content regular and focused.

Professional content writing elevates your business

Have you ever asked a friend to design a flier or business card for your company? Compare the results to the time when you gave the same task to a professional graphic designer.

Even when the friend has impressive skills and has somehow acquired more design software than any one person could reasonably use in a lifetime, professional experience and expertise can take your idea and give it the polish it needs to turn heads.

Bear in mind that content writing is not a one-off business card design. Content writing is an endurance event that requires showing up day after day, week after week. This level of strategy, productivity, and creativity demands dedication, skill, and stamina. It’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Just because you CAN do something doesn’t mean that you should

Writing is on the list of things that your business can outsource to save time and money. When you outsource, you acknowledge that communicating your brand messages to leads and customers is a necessary task that deserves to be done to a high standard, on time, every time.


We can see you’re busy. Let us help.

Content writing improves with time

Working with a content writing team is frequently a relationship that develops over time. While you can often enjoy an initial spark when you find the right team, that spark will typically grow as your association becomes an increasingly synergistic partnership.

Content creation benefits from a team approach

Another way to illustrate the difference between DIY content writing and outsourcing to a content writing team is to think about that game at fairgrounds that invites you to hit a light punch bag as hard as you can. 

A DIY content writer is like a kid who thinks they’re going to knock the bag off the hook the first time they swing at it. 

It makes a pretty good sound and their parents are super impressed, but there’s no prize. 


Everyone pats them on the back, and they go play the dodgems.

A professional boxer, however, has had years of training from teams of coaches and battle experience in the ring.

They know that a strike starts with the feet, travels through the legs and hips, and whips the entire body. 

When they hit that thing, they not only win a toy for the kid on the dodgems, but they set a new park record.

Excellent content writing teams draw on their clients’ expert knowledge and understanding of their industry. They combine this with their many years of training, experience, and expertise to develop content that hits harder than George Foreman.

Content writing is about more than writing

It’s not all write write write. Writing involves masses of thinking, planning, and strategy. Yeap, more work. But a content writing team knows it has to invest time and calories in understanding the needs of clients and their audiences.

Coming up with ideas is a lot of work

Ideas are at the heart of excellent content writing. 

Effective marketing ideas aren’t plucked out of the air. They are developed based on knowledge of the industry, marketing techniques, current internet marketing trends, and — most important of all — customers.

Some of the best ideas for content occur during the content creation process itself. Sometimes, businesses should use those ideas. Other times, they shouldn’t. A content writing team can help make those decisions for the benefit of the brand.

A writing team gives you perspective

You can be too close to your business to write the most effective content for it. 

Taking a step back can give you clarity and help you see the bigger picture regarding your business, its position in the market, and how to use content to serve your customers most effectively.

A content marketing team can help provide a vantage point that clarifies the path ahead. 


You’re in the thick(et)* of it. We can see the forest despite all the trees.

*Bad puns not necessarily included in the service.

Content writing teams overflow with experts

Being an expert writer requires:

  • Excellent spelling and grammar
  • Conciseness
  • Empathy
  • The ability to write on demand 
  • Navigating the nuances of briefs and instructions
  • Production on schedule
  • Teamworking skills
  • Compassion
  • An understanding of useful cultural references
  • An appreciation of how people talk and think
  • Hitting targets (word counts and keywords, for example)
  • Research skills
  • Using and maintaining a single tone of voice
  • Life experience
  • Understanding SEO and Google’s algorithms
  • Storytelling know-how
  • Knowing when to try something different

You can list all those again and keep reaching into the skill bag for the many talents offered by editors, marketers, and project managers comprising a robust content creation team.

Excellent content teams are diverse

The best content teams have writers from varied backgrounds. This helps them match their writers to the needs of their businesses.

Whether you require technical writing, legal expertise, or travel experience, writing ability is only one part of the puzzle. Writers with varied backgrounds, cultures, experiences, and interests can bring a wealth of passion, depth, and expertise to a client’s content creation.  

Writing benefits from professional editing

“Editing” within our content creation teams, for instance, comprises different kinds of editing, including:

  • Developmental editing – Also sometimes called substantive or content editing, this is the kind of editing that backs away slowly, squints, and asks if the piece works as a whole. Does it flow well, does it make sense, and does it deliver what the introduction and title promised?
  • Structural editing – This overlaps with developmental editing. It includes a focus on flow, style, tone, and, of course, structure.
  • Line and copy editing – These refer to a closer look at the post line by line, querying word choice, opting for active voice over passive sentences, and generally making posts more readable and engaging on a line-by-line basis.
  • Mechanical editing – This ensures that the text adheres to a particular house style. That might mean checking that the document conforms to APA or the Chicago-style guide, for example, as preferred by the client.

Experienced editors will frequently do all of these tasks without worrying about what they’re called. While the different styles of editing have a tendency to overlap, the overarching goal is always to help the work achieve its goals.


This is our content lead, Anastasija, sans cat. She is one of the nit-picky editors that won’t allow the tongue in our (collective? ew) cheek to get in the way of the message. But she’ll also make sure the message reserves room for our expression.

An editor is not just a second brain or pair of eyes to catch typos and errors. They are integral to ideation, fact-checking, keeping content focused, and, in many cases, making adjustments and recommendations that vastly improve the work. 

An editor might do anything from fixing capitalization issues to reworking entire sections. Furthermore, vitally, they take writing out of a vacuum, allowing blog posts to live, breathe, and grow. 

And they do it on time.

Getting all this done to a schedule doesn’t happen by chance. Project managers are indispensable for keeping a content schedule on schedule.

Someone’s got to do it. If you’re doing your own content, that’s you. It’s worth being honest about how well you will be able to keep your content train running if you’re not only driving the train, changing the signals, maintaining the track, and checking tickets, but also ensuring that the train is on time. 

Grow your business with Writer&Co.

While writing about your industry can be fun, leaning on our content team removes the stress of the constant, consistent, quality production necessary to optimize your digital marketing.

Our content team offers:

  • A dedicated writer to consistently build your vision;
  • Talented editors to ensure sound construction;
  • Effective project managers to ensure everyone has what they need to fulfill the content strategy on the agreed-upon timeline, and;
  • People-first content created by real people.

Our writers use their exceptional talents, backgrounds, expertise, and empathy to assume your business’s voice and deliver unique, original content your customers will love. 

Want to grow your business? We can help.


Written by Dean Edwards

Dean lives in Southern France but was born in the UK, where he studied business and IT, and earned a degree in Writing. When he’s not creating content, he’s writing fiction, making music, and practicing martial arts. This is part bio and part affirmation.

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