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Why do you need a blog?

Drive traffic to your website

Looking to boost sales on your website or receive more visits for ad revenue? One of the best ways to increase organic traffic is by regularly posting high-quality blog articles.

Establish your brand as an expert in the industry

How cool would it be if your audience visited your website to get the answers they need? There’s no better way to earn an audience’s trust than by showcasing you’re an expert in your industry & offering solutions to their problems. How do you do this? A blog!

Boost your SERPs ranking

The most effective long-term solution to reaching the top pages on any search engine’s results is blogging. Over time, not only will organic visits to your website increase, but so will backlinks. As other companies realize you’re a resourceful authority in the industry, they’ll start linking to your informative blog articles. This link juice —  paired with high-quality writing — will tell Google your content belongs at the top.

Attract quality leads

While About us and Product pages are sufficient for hot leads, blogs are a prime source of top-of-the-funnel lead generation. Someone setting up camp in your industry may begin as a blog visitor looking to hone their strategy or skills. Eventually, when they need the service or product that you offer, guess who’ll they turn to? Someone they already trust — you.

Engage with your audience & get a buzz going

Responding to comments below the blog post, publishing articles on topics that your readers have requested, or sharing links to blog posts & discussing them on social media are all great ways to tell your audience that you’re present and listening.

Why hire a Writer & Co blog writer?

You’re busy running a business, but you recognize both the long-term and short-term value of having an active blog brimming with high-quality content.

You’re not one for writing, and you’re ready to have a professional who enjoys approaching subjects in your industry with creativity & enthusiasm to craft blog articles for your growing audience.

You don’t have an in-house team, but you need someone you can trust. Searching for freelance writers across various platforms is risky. With us, you’d get a pre-vetted, trained & experienced writer who’ll submit well-researched, on-brand articles with the guidance and support of our editors.

Customer service matters to you, and you want to know that your blog is in caring hands. Our writers, editors, and CEO Richard Kohlhagen are always a ping away & eager to help. We like to take a proactive approach and anticipate your needs ahead of time. Your success is our success!

How does it work?

  • We pair you with a dedicated blog writer from our team. We’ll discuss your industry, style, and brand voice to find the best fit!
  • We assign an editor who’ll help run the project, refine the copy, and overall be your “man on the inside.”
  • We take a week to kickstart the project — we discuss strategy, research the industry, understand your brand, and learn about your needs, goals, & pain points. In most cases, you’ll get the first piece of content within the first week!
  • Provide us with keywords & topics for the blog, and our writer will produce high-quality articles that are truly useful to your audience & tailored to your brand voice.
  • Once we’re confident that we’re on the right track, you can be as involved as you like. Sign in to see what’s up & add a final touch, or leave it all to us while you sit back & watch the organic traffic grow.
  • Manage everything calmly with async communication and direct access to your writer & editor.
  • Stay organized & up-to-date with your own individual space in our cloud-based project management tool.

Interested? Reach out and tell us more about you, or book a call today.

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