Technical Writing Services

We help you craft informative, instructional content like software manuals, user guides, or FAQs on complex technical topics.

Transferring technical knowledge is not easy. Not only does the writer have to understand the subject matter, but they also need to communicate it in a way that readers can easily understand. If you were convinced that outsourcing this task is impossible, our rockstar team will prove otherwise.

Our writers will learn your business inside out and collaborate with you to create high-quality, accurate, and user-friendly content for your readers.

Reach out to us if you’ve had trouble finding writing talent that can master your niche.

Why use Writer & Co’s technical writing service?

You need to produce key instructional or technical content but don’t have the time (or interest) to write it yourself.

Finding a freelance writer who’s up to the task is tricky, especially when it comes to technical subjects. Our team of carefully selected writers and expert editors will provide you with a full service, including proofreading, fact-checking, and structural & stylistic improvements.

There’s a whole backlog of resources you need to reduce support requests or improve customer satisfaction.

A tried-and-true way of improving customer satisfaction is offering straightforward resources to users that help them easily learn how to use a product or service, as well as how to troubleshoot, by themselves. By making these resources broadly available, you’re also sparing yourself a significant number of support requests & queries.

If you don’t have the bandwidth for it

…our fully-managed technical writing service will take the weight off your shoulders.

If you find writing tedious

…then using a writer first and then providing feedback so we can perfect their draft is an efficient, headache-free way of getting it done.

How does it work?

  • You’re paired with a dedicated writer that we’ve carefully selected for the project. They’re analytical, consistent, and not afraid to learn your product inside out.
  • You provide the framework for the project — give us access to the product being documented + the necessary information, and send over any briefs or guidelines that can help us understand your vision. The goal is for the team to get immersed in your industry and get a solid idea of your technology, product, or service.
  • After we get the project up and running during week #1, it’s our job to start transforming complex data into something that’s easy to digest and access — like a well-written guide or manual that aligns with your brand and style guidelines.
  • We collaborate in editing —  our expert editor team is there to work with you to ensure the end result is polished, accurate, and checks all the boxes.

Interested? Reach out and tell us more about you, or book a call today.

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