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Love the idea of producing your own ebook? So do we!

The quirks of writing ebooks

An Ebook is a versatile and valuable thing.

Using them for marketing will help you establish your brand as an authority, capture and nurture leads, and offer a valuable resource to your audience.

Or if you’re interested in self-publishing — we get that too! Ebooks can be an amazing source of passive income.

But long-form content like an ebook is its own beast:

It takes time 

And multiple revisions — multiple editing rounds and really determined editors.

It’s riskier than short-form

There’s no amount of editing that can save a really bad first draft, and by then, you’ve wasted valuable time and money.

It needs the right writer

Somebody with an analytic mind and a flair for writing who loves seeing it all come together.

So why hire an ebook writer?

Do you have industry know-how or expert insights but not the time for long-form writing?

Our team can take your ideas and research, organize them, and produce a compelling and valuable ebook.

And with that ebook, you’ll;

  • Generate leads and nurture them with engaging copy that encourages them to take action, whether it’s joining the mailing list, signing up for your product or service, or engaging within your community.
  • Grow brand awareness and credibility with high-value, well-researched, and persuasive material that speaks directly to your audience in the brand voice they know and love.
  • Provide long-term value and generate repurposing opportunities via blog posts and social media to reimagine your ideas in different formats.

If you just have a general strategy or a niche you’re interested in but want to be as hands-off as possible, that’s fine too!

Provide us with your idea or outline, and we’ll take over from there.

How it works:

  • We pair you with a writer from our pool who’s a good fit for what you’re after.
  • We pair them with an editor so they have support and guidance.
  • Your dedicated writer will research and produce a comprehensive, well-written ebook in stages.
  • Our expert team of editors is there to ensure each stage is edited, proofread, and that it aligns with your brand and style guidelines.
  • Manage everything calmly with async communication and direct access to your writer & editor.
  • Stay organized with your own individual space in our cloud-based project management tool.
  • Creating a new ebook is always a unique experience, so we’re happy to tailor this process to your needs.

Let’s chat about your project and get things moving.

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