Simple pricing for a clearly scoped service.

We try to make our pricing the simplest part, so we can focus on delivering great content.

Dedicated Writer

  • All content edited by editorial team
  • Assigned project manager
  • Approx 1,500 words per day, ~20 great articles per month
  • Project management system
  • Add multiple users from your team
  • Onboarding included
  • No lock-in contract

Frequently Asked Questions

How much content do I get?

You can expect around 20,000-28,000 words per month.

Since content production can never be exact, we like to give our clients a range instead of a fixed number. This is in line with our mission here at Writer & Co – we don’t churn out content without care, we’re 100% quality over quantity.

If the topics we’re writing for are difficult, or technical, or require a lot of research and meticulousness, we find it works best when we allow your writer some extra time to work their magic without chasing deadlines or feeling unduly pressured, which would just undermine their ability to focus on delivering excellent content.

What content formatting will you do for me?

We really try to go the extra mile for our clients. Links, images, CTA buttons, table of contents etc are all fair game. However, we must balance this with our writer’s time. Intense and significant formatting plus potential uploading will reduce the amount of content we can write for you. What works for you and your business is up to you. If you are happy with less content, we can do more for you. If you want more content, and to just let your amazing writer write, we’d recommend adding in your own VA to do formatting and publishing.

Where are your writers based?

Our writers are remote. We’ve found talented and driven writers from Eastern Europe and we are currently recruiting from Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, and Turkey. We’ll continue to scour the globe for driven, talented writers (often with an English major) wherever they can be found.

How long does onboarding take?

We’ll get you into our project management system right away. From there we’ll slowly ease your writer into your business and niche over the course of the first week. After that we pick up the pace.

What do you need from me?

Provide us with the content list, so we can research and prepare as much as possible. Any relevant briefs, writing guidelines, or branding documents that will give us more context to deliver exactly what you love.

What makes a great client-writer relationship?

We’re extremely motivated to produce great content for you and your business. What will help us make that happen is regular and constructive feedback.

We’re always happy to hear from you when we’ve submitted a piece, and work to incorporate whatever notes and recommendations you have. Great content happens when we’ve had the time to polish things out, learn, and incorporate past feedback into new pieces. With surprisingly little feedback you’ll be amazed about what we can do for you.

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