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Get paired with a talented writer from our pool who’ll produce informative, research-driven & cleverly structured articles for your website or other publication.

Why hire a Writer & Co article writer?

Educate & inform your audience.

While blog posts are typically short and quickly consumed, articles require more depth & offer more information. They’re formal, discursive, and professional. They require substantial research. They require time. And they require a professional, which is where we come in.

We provide a high-quality, polished product that experts and enthusiasts in your industry can enjoy and discuss.

Establish your brand as an authority.

You want your brand to be the one people turn to for in-depth, trustworthy content. Articles are a great way to showcase you know your stuff and devote resources to sharing the “science” with an audience. They’re a proven way of establishing your brand as a staple in the field.

Our writers have tackled all sorts of technical subjects across industries and excel at crafting articles that accomplish precisely that – a professional channel of communication that builds your authority.

Improve search engine rankings.

Search engines love content that’s written for people, not algorithms. While the best content is SEO-optimized to serve both, its ultimate goal is to provide value. Truly valuable content causes ripples within your broader community and encourages others in your industry to link to it, helping you build backlinks and signaling to Google your website deserves to be at the top.

Increase website traffic.

As you move up the SERPs, you’ll increase your website’s visibility and get more readers, meaning website traffic. Website traffic translates into more sales, offers, ad revenue – so it allows you to accomplish whatever it is you’re after.

Last but not least: Outstanding customer service.

We’re a group of kind bookworms that are looking forward to helping your brand grow. You’ll never have to worry about support, communication, or quality – you’ll always, always end up with the product you envisioned. Your success is our success!

How does it work?

Working with a dedicated writer, clients can submit a topic or outline, and the writer will research and produce a well-written, fact-based article that aligns with the client’s brand voice and style guidelines.

  • Discuss your needs, goals, industry & brand voice with our content lead, so that we can pair you with a dedicated writer on our team who’s best suited to your profile.
  • A semi-dedicated editor is assigned to your project. They’ll be there for any questions you have, help run the project, and work with the writer to submit polished copy for you to review.
  • We take a week to kickstart the project — we discuss strategy and do a deep dive into your brand, industry, needs, and goals. Depending on the length of the articles and the difficulty of your subject matter, the time frame for the first piece of content will change. However, in most cases, you can expect it within the first week!
  • Submit topics, outlines, or briefs so we can get started. Our writer will research and produce a well-written, fact-based article that aligns with your brand voice and style guidelines.
  • Once we’re in the groove of things, be as hands-on as you like. Send us a list of topics and forget about it until it’s time to publish, or check in daily and see how things are progressing.
  • Stay organized and calm in your dedicated space online. You’ll be up-to-date on everything with async communication – our remote team is dispersed all across the globe!
  • Enjoy open channels of communication with your writer, editor, and our CEO any time you have questions or want to discuss strategy.

Do you think that’s pretty cool? So do we. Reach out and tell us more about you, or book a call today.

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