How We Manage a Team of Over 30, Remotely, in Any Timezone

Here at Writer & Co, we work to create high-quality content for the needs of our clients. To this end, we have a sizable team of skilled content writers currently working at our agency. And our team is constantly expanding — we regularly hire new amazing talent!

We find all this talent from all around the world, as advanced-level English speakers can be found in any timezone. Our team of editors and writers organize their own working hours and communicate asynchronously – some work while others sleep on the other end of the globe, but content is always delivered on time.

What we have in the end is a high-quality product that our clients love. In return, that creates more demand, meaning we have to manage a big team of prolific writers. So, how do we achieve all this?

We Have a Dedicated Editing Team That Works Together With Our Writers

It comes as no surprise that to work with a big team of writers, you’d also need a smaller team of individuals with editing and management skills. We have those, too!

This smaller team is charged with:

  • Headhunting for content writers and posting job openings;
  • Testing candidates in order to determine if they’re up for the job, as well as shortlisting and finally choosing those we employ;
  • Training the candidates before they start writing content;
  • Assigning clients and tasks to writers;
  • Editing articles;
  • Coming up with content strategies;
  • Arranging sick days and vacations days (non-deliverables) for all writers and in direct agreement with them;
  • Being there to answer all questions the writers may have, as well as helping them with anything they need, in order to ensure a smooth and effective workflow.

Let’s focus on their – arguably – most important task: editing. Think of it this way:  our writers — especially newly-hired ones — often need some assistance in order to adapt to the style and tempo that best suits our clients. This is where our team of content editors is crucial.

Editors thoroughly check each article our content writers produce — they proofread, restructure, rephrase so things sound even nicer, and run plagiarism checks to ensure clients receive original content of exquisite quality. They also provide writers with feedback and professional advice on how they can improve their writing style. Plus, our editors make sure that the work we deliver is SEO optimized in accordance to the tools and directions given by our clients.

All of our editors started off as content writers themselves. Their experience and skill is what makes them the most suitable for the demanding task of managing our dynamic team and helping it grow and improve.

We Use Simple Online Software

All our work is done online and remotely, including our communication and coordination with our writers. We use an online project management software that we’ve found to be a suitable environment for asynchronous online communication.

We use this tool for communication between the team and clients, assigning tasks and deadlines, and sharing anything from HR files to workflow ideas.

In a nutshell, we use the platform to:

  • Assign work tasks to our writers;
  • Provide feedback, comments, and make changes to each assigned task;
  • Get daily and weekly reports on the accomplished work;
  • Store all work-related documents in one place;
  • Set up a calendar detailing to-dos, due payments, days off, vacations, and more;
  • Post reminders and announcements;
  • Talk to the whole team on issues relevant to everyone in group chat rooms;
  • Send private messages and group messages to our writers.

We even add our clients to the platform so that communication, delivery, and keeping in touch are all seamless.

We Make Sure Everyone Feels at Home

Working with a big team doesn’t have to be as difficult. We strive to make the process enjoyable for everyone, and we daresay we’ve been pretty good at it so far.

The key to managing our big group of writers effectively is the cordial and pleasant working atmosphere we create for everyone on our team.

For one thing, we have a flexible work schedule, and individual team members can handle what’s on their plate whenever they feel like it during the day. We do have deadlines for each task, of course, but these aren’t tied to a specific 9-to-5, arbitrary work hours can often hinder the writer’s creative process.

The informal way in which we communicate also helps our writers overcome the mental barriers that work often brings. We’re open with each other, always ready to talk about any concern, and answer any work-related or personal question.

While our chats can sometimes get very relaxed, our work ethic is nothing if not highly professional. We value the great pieces our content writers create and the effort they put into their work. We don’t overload them with too many tasks and we ensure they’re compensated with a competitive salary in a timely manner. Most importantly, we’re always there for each other.

We Manage Everything With Teamwork

Managing a big team of full-time online writers may seem tough, but it’s actually more fun than you’d expect! With a professional but personal approach, a dedicated editing team, and the right tools at our disposal, Writer & Co makes the most out of remote work, ensuring that our writers create the wonderful content that our clients love.

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