How You Can Benefit From Content Writing Services

You’ve equipped your business with the necessary elements for success. You have an amazing product or service, a beautifully designed website, an interested target audience, and perhaps even a dedicated team.

It looks as if you’ve got everything down pat, but something is missing. Growing organic traffic, search engine placement, audience engagement, new leads, and brand awareness seems like something that happens to other people. Even customer retention feels elusive. But why, especially when you have such a great product?

What’s likely to be missing from your strategy is content. Whether it’s a blog, a newsletter, or carefully thought-out product descriptions, written content should be the top weapon in your arsenal when it comes to digital marketing.

But to reap the long-term benefits of written content, you need to consistently publish and share high-quality pieces that draw in new clients and keep the old ones happy.

This is what content writing agencies are “born” to do.

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First things first: Numbers

What would we be without statistics? Probably less convincing. An astounding 72% of business owners claim that the key to their success was well-written digital content. Many companies use agencies as an effective way to outsource writing but ensure good quality. The Content Management Institute states that 49% of small businesses, half of B2C, and 75% of all major B2B organizations utilize content writing services.

Why outsource to a content writing agency?

Writing high-quality, consistent content requires time, research, skill, SEO knowledge, and above all – experience. Devoted content writing agencies are by far the quickest way to work with a reliable, professional writer because they handpick the top applicants to join their team. A recent calculation at Writer & Co. revealed that we onboard less than 15% of all applicants for a one-month trial period, and only two-thirds of those are offered a permanent place on our team. 

What this means for recruiters is happily not sifting through countless applications and then investing additional resources in quality assurance. There is no guessing and vetting – the top talent for their niche is ready to get started.

Making our case for the written word

High-quality content is multi-purpose. There are the popular goals like lead generation, online visibility, brand authority, engagement, etc., but also customer retention.

In other words, good content should accompany clients through each step of their journey. Here’s how.

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Step #1: Make it easy for clients to find you

Today, most customers rely on the Internet to find and acquire the products and services they need. Therefore, many will first come in contact with your business through content they discover online. This is true for both brick-and-mortars and e-commerce ventures.

Prospective customers make purchase decisions based on their first impressions, and those are based on appearance. What this means for your online presence is well-written product descriptions, web copy, and helpful resources – including blogs, articles, FAQs, ebooks, technical writing, etc.

Step #2: Become the go-to source of information for the community

The best way to reach clients that need your services is through thought leadership. And one of the main methods of establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry is through content production.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if your audience went to your website to learn about the industry? Providing resources with informative, helpful, or entertainment value builds trust in the community and grows your brand authority.

Not only is this a great way to slowly turn readers into hot leads, but you always get to engage with your existing client base and earn their loyalty.

Step #3: Rely on SEO-optimized content to bring in new leads

Implementing SEO in texts helps bring in organic traffic from your target audience. Content writers know how to write reader-first pieces that are also optimized for search engines.

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Just a graph of how organic traffic grows with good content production.

In a digital space where 68% of online interactions are started with the use of search engines, and the results of the first page end up receiving the biggest chunk of user-clicking love, no one can underestimate the importance of SERPs rankings.

Step #4: Build brand voice & authority

Content writers can give your brand the character and voice that it needs to become a favorite among your target audience.

Words on a screen can be incredibly impactful in building customer-brand relationships. Just think about Wendy’s Twitter – see what I mean?

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Consistently shared content builds trust and an emotional connection between the brand and the customer, making them come back for more. In fact, a study done by Motista in partnership with Google reveals that seven out of nine surveyed B2B brands formed lasting connections with over 50% of their clients and customers. This shows that, at least among B2B brands, there is a higher tendency for past customers to return to a business and make a purchase after developing an emotional connection with the business. 

Good content writers are excellent storytellers – and that’s what any successful brand needs: a story.

Step #5: Leave the writing in good hands and focus on growing your business

A well-organized content writing agency will require little to no effort on your part while ensuring that high-quality content gets out regularly and on time. 

For instance, in our process:

  • You get matched with a writer in your niche who’ll learn your brand inside & out;
  • They get paired with an editor for regular quality assurance;
  • Feed us topics, we produce great content, ad infinitum.

And what underlies this process is trust and accountability, the pillars of our work ethic.

With our boutique agency, you’re in direct contact with our writers, editors, and CEO. Great customer support – yes, but also – responsible content creation and high accountability. Just ask our clients.

The gist of it

Written content is a tried-and-true, powerful tool when utilized correctly. It’s one of the key factors in securing success for any business.

Content writing services take the work off your hands by crafting engaging, impressive and informative copy for your clients. We write copy that helps you reach a wider audience, boost website traffic through SEO practices, retain clients, and build authority.

To begin building your audience & brand authority through our content writing services, book a call with us today.

Written by Ipek Ozener

Born in Ankara. Based in Istanbul. Studied fashion design and currently enjoys working as a content writer. Loves traveling and attending music festivals.

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